You want to start AI projects in your company but don't quite know how?



Use Case Identification

Identify the most valuable areas of application for data-based business models and processes

Data Management

Put together the right team and follow best practices to ensure successful results

Data Science

Master the core skills to extract the most value from your data

One-day training sessions in three key areas:

  • Proven methods to identify use cases and define corresponding requirements

  • Guiding principles on strategic data management and data governance

  • Hands-on introduction into the fundamental skills of data science


A combination of training and coaching

  • Collaborative approach to empower and support your team

  • The first AI project: Build a prototype with us and learn the skills on the fly

  • Onboarding: We bring your new hires up to speed on the tools of the trade




Dr. Andrés Cardona

Data Science Expert

Founder Internodes Consulting

Andrés is a data scientist with a decade-long experience in scientific research and consulting. He is an economist with a Ph.D. in social sciences and a GCP certified professional data engineer. His main focus is people analytics, network analysis and cloud-based solutions for advanced analytics and machine learning.

Mirko Schedlbauer

Business Intelligence Expert 

Co-Founder Appanion Labs

Mirko has more than 10 years of experience in business intelligence and data management consulting. Increasing accessibility and quality of data as well as getting legacy infrastructure to the point of machine learning readiness belong to his core competencies. Besides his role as a consultant, Mirko works for the Swiss Institute for Entrepreneurship and is a guest lecturer at the Nordakademie.

Tobias Bohnhoff

Data Strategy Expert

Co-Founder Appanion Labs

Tobias has over 8 years of practical experience in data exploration, forecasting, innovation research and strategic business development in the digital space. As Head of Market Analytics for the data company Statista and strategy consultant, he developed lots of practical tactics on how to set up and successfully implement data-driven innovation projects.


No special previous knowledge is required unless otherwise described. Individual workshop modules can be taught stand-alone as a one-day seminar or in sequences that build on each other. The workshops are offered upon request in major German cities or in-house. The minimum number of participants is 6 persons per date. Guided apprenticeship for onboarding or initial AI projects is depending on the goal and scope of the projects and requires an individual agreement.