We are a team of business intelligence, digital strategy and machine learning specialists based in the beautiful city of Hamburg. We help you to build successful and sustainable business models based on new technologies and become a winner of fast-paced technological innovation.




Our goal is to make innovative technology accessible to everyone. We want to enable companies of every size or industry and each employee to practically make use of new technologies - with enthusiasm and openness for new opportunities in a data-driven world. ​

"Keep an eye on the road"


Keeping track of the dynamic market developments and the resulting opportunities

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"Know your playing field"


To question one's own structures, available resources and inefficiencies time and again with a constructive common language. 

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"Think big, act fast": 


Having the organizational flexibility to try completely new things immediately and without bias




We are convinced that technology will fundamentally change our world in the upcoming years. We can observe the interconnection of all things, the automation of processes, evolving intelligent systems, and the cooperation of individuals and organizations through decentralized networks. Right now, various factors are coming together that enable a whole new level of change.

We believe in openness, a good sense of humor and mutual respect to ensure amazing outcomes even in challenging phases. 

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We believe that real productivity can only be achieved when professional and personal goals are aligned at all times. 

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We believe in the courage and creativity of our team to build new things and to grow from the resulting experience in order to be successful together.


In digital competition, the requirements for establishing successful, innovative products are continuously increasing. The use of technology increases complexity but at the same time opens up previously unimagined potentials to be captured now.


We are technology enthusiasts who believe in diversity, flat hierarchies, an open learning culture and the amazing power and creativity that comes from collaboration. At the same time we are highly ambitious and always strive to find the best solution for our partners and clients by setting ourselves the highest goals possible.

Tobias Bohnhoff
Mirko Schedlbauer
Philipp Huhn
Frieder Henning
Martin Jacobs


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