At Appanion, we develop data-driven products for the transport and logistics sector. We are focusing on improving the service quality and sustainability of supply chain operations. The goal is always to derive the optimal value from data by using machine learning and advanced analytics. With shipzero, we provide a decision-focused information service for reliable and precise transport emissions.


Define value-driving use cases, set up suitable data structures and share guidelines to make it easier and faster to access

and benefit from your data assets.

Get from data to decisions by deriving meaningful information from a complex set of data sources. Advanced Analytics comprises a cutting-edge tech-stack to take your business to the next level.

Build and scale AI-powered services with the right tools and practices to foster collaboration, define a common language between all stakeholders and keep oversight of the progress.

Kickstart your AI initiatives with data competence workshops and guided apprenticeships. We combine domain expertise with proven concepts of business intelligence and AI.

Our goal is to make innovative technologies accessible to everyone. We believe in flat hierarchies, diversity and the incredible power and creativity that comes from focused collaboration.

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IBM Registered Business Partner